Nathalie Oddy


I completed a BA in Philosophy and French and an M.St in French in Oxford and have previously studied in Paris at the Sorbonne and the École normale supérieure. I’m currently completing my DPhil project on Montaigne, which lies at the confluence of literature, philosophy and cognitive theory. My thesis is an extended rethinking, through the texts of the Essais and the Journal de voyage, of the theologically-charged notion of consubstantiality in Montaigne’s thought which draws on both early modern and contemporary ideas on cognition as extended and embodied and engages with current conversations in the cognitive humanities. My work draws on the history of medicine and technology as well as contemporary and early modern theory of mind.  I have a special interest in memory, in particular the natural-artificial (or biological- non-biological) interface, technologies of cognition, embodied memory and the related notion of prosthetic and consubstantial memory. I likewise explore materialities of writing and of movement, including gesture, and their semiotic and cognitive implications. 

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