Hands (III)

Interdisciplinary Approaches in (Early Modern) Literature and the History of Technology:

Writing Technology/the Technology of writing

19 February 2019

Maison française d’Oxford, 12-4pm

Kate Tunstall (Modern Languages, Oxford)

Rétif de la Bretonne, Mes inscriptions (Arsenal ms-12469 and BNF  Ms NAF 22.772)

Koen Vermeir (History of technology, CNRS, Paris)

Knowing hands and divining rods : Pierre Le Brun, Histoire critique des pratiques superstitieuses qui ont séduit les peuples & embarassé les savans, 1733

Jean Sanchez (History of science ENS, MFO fellow of the month)

Chiromancy treatises, Marin Mersenne, Questions celeberrimae in Genesim (1623)

Nathalie Oddy (Modern languages, Oxford) 

Theatrical gestures of emotion: Henry Siddons, Practical illustrations of rhetorical gesture and action, 1807.

Sigrid Leyssen (History Bahaus-Universität Weimar)

20th century Albert Michotte Experiments on hand movements


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